So, I took a shower today.


Remember the days when you could shower whenever you wanted? As you would sit on the couch on your day off, you would think “hmm, a shower might be relaxing and I haven’t taken one in over 12 hours. I should just stop relaxing and take a shower. Heck I’ll even shave my legs!” Yeah, I don’t remember those days either.

Today is my “day off” and the twins were watching tv quietly (yay!) so I decided to take my long overdue shower. My showers on my days off are usually taken with a bottle of cleaning spray and a sponge or scrub brush. I can’t waste precious time not cleaning! I hopped in the shower excited about scrubbing some tiles and maybe even washing some body parts. Of course, I left the door wide open to the living room so I can hear the kids attacking each other.

After brushing my teeth in the shower (yeah, I do a lot in there. No wasting time relaxing here!) I decided to start some cleaning. The next few minutes were full of scrubbing, screaming to the girls to stop fighting, and periodically jumping out of the shower to check on various thuds and bangs I heard coming from the living room. I like living out in the woods because when I run around the house soaking wet and naked to yell at children I don’t have to worry about people seeing me through the wide open back slider door.

Finally, I finished my “shower” and my cleaning! I get out of the shower and look at myself in the mirror. I look worse than when I got in! I forgot to wash my face and the mascara off from the day before because of all the cleaning and getting interrupted by fighting 3-year olds. I also forgot to wash my hair but let it get wet while scrubbing. I now look like a wet rat with raccoon eyes. Also, not only are my fingers all pruny from long exposure to the water and scrubbing, but my skin is peeling off my fingers due to the copious amounts of bleach spray this shower needed. I smell of the wonderful aroma of bleach and fabulouso spray. I also go out to the living room to see giant footprints of water on the carpet from the various times I had to break up the toddler fights. I proceeded to get dressed for the day only to realize that I haven’t done laundry and I will have to put my pajamas right back on.

Overall I would consider today a success. Not only did I shower, but I did it before lunch. I am rocking the wet rat, raccoon in PJ’s look but my shower is clean and my kids didn’t break anything or anyone while I did it. There is always tomorrow to wash my face and hair. Small victories!



Reduce, reuse, recycle


Now I am not the best reducer, reuser and recycler but I try. Today I was thinking about how much I love having all of these previously used, loved and not so loved things in my house. We go to yard sales and flea markets on a regular basis and I have had some great luck finding neat things for our tiny little home. Everything we have has a story to it. Like the time we shoved two stuffed chairs and an ottoman we saw on a curb labeled “free” (I can’t pass up anything that’s free) into our minivan loaded with our 3 children. I told my husband that maybe we can leave behind one of the chairs. He said “absolutely not. I don’t care if I have to walk home with the thing on my head, we are taking these home!” We drove through our small town, past the fair that was going on, while constantly stopping for the fair-going pedestrians with a chair hanging out the back of our opened trunk  while I hung on to it in the back. The girls giggled and we got some great furniture! Image


We have also met some very interesting people during our yard sale adventures! Like the older man that had downsized to a condo and had to sell many of his knick knacks. We learned that he was, in fact, the most interesting man in the world. He told me about all the countries he had lived in, the various degrees he holds, his life with his children and wife, etc. He also gave us a tour of his new condo. He happened to also be quite the artist. He was selling his first wood carving piece he ever made. I have no idea what I will use this bowl for and he claims it is full of mistakes, but I will always think of him when I see it.

We have never purchased a new piece of furniture and I love it. I don’t just do it because we can’t afford expensive new things but because I love the stories and character our little condo is full of. Even if (when) I win the lottery I will still buy unique things from unique people. I may stop trash picking though.

Let it Go


I wrote this parody right before Mother’s Day. Sometimes I forget to just “Let it Go” and enjoy my children and life. I hate when I realize at the end of the day that I missed out on fun because I was too busy trying to keep things in order and rush around like a mad woman. Enjoying the little things like getting dirty with the kids, playing outside barefoot, making a mud castle, and letting the kids destroy their playroom in the name of fun is what memories are made of.

I realize now that some of my best memories from childhood are the ones that probably caused the biggest mess and most stress for my Mom in the aftermath. I will never forget the time we had a family water fight INSIDE THE HOUSE! It involved throwing sopping wet paper towels at each other and using the outside water hose in the kitchen. I realize now that my Mom and Dad had a huge mess to clean up after that but it’s something I will never forget.

Moms, go ahead and let your hair down, let them track a little mud, let them use your lipstick, and make some memories! Then completely stress that night when you see the mess you made. You will eventually have to clean it up………….